His Youth

The ministry hosts camps annually during the Heroes holiday (Beginning of August) at retreat camps like Hideaway Lodge, Tuli lodge, Harare Safari lodge and Zambezi Holidays.
With over 200 youths usually in attendance at our retreats they are vibrant and energetic but more importantly life changing. His Yourh camps are packed with amazing praise and worship, powerful practical teaching, small and large group indoor/outdoor activities that build life long friendships all this while in the presence of our all mighty God. The times spent in prayer and devotions builds young people who are connected to God in a personal way and full of passion for the things of God.

Monthly gatherings are were held every second weekend of the month through rotation of hosting assemblies so as to build leadership skills and sense of responsibility in the youth. The meetings commenced as a way of addressing the need for youths to get places they can have fun and fellowship in a godly manner with other people from different branches. The results have been mind blowing as many have signed contracts for jobs due to interactions at meetings, some have found life partners and others rejuvenated in their love for the things of God and serving in the house.

“Marriages don’t end wrong, they start wrong”
Love Zone is a program instituted by the Apostles to teach young people about love, relationships and marriage just to name a few topics based on their blissful 34 years marriage. The program over the years has included events like dinners and Q&A seminars empowering godly relationships and eventually marriages. Subjects like sex and the 5 love languages are always exciting but are never off limits.
The first and most important foundation is the God factor and this one most people get wrong. The bible speaks of not being unequally yoked with unbelievers. If the bible and God in all his wisdom warns you of it, you must have serious guts to go against it and believe you can change someone once you are married. Apostle P keeps saying, “love is blind, but marriage is an eye opener.”

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